Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware: French Edition of Ukash Targeting More PCs In Europe

According to the recent scenario, Internet is booming and it is used by millions of user world wide. Apart from this, the constant progress of IT Sector and the unending innovations in digital technologies, make systems more and more complex. As a system gets more complex, it gets less secure. This complication in digital systems has led to a change in the cyber attacks form.

Consequently, security analyst has discovered a new computer threat titled “Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware” The French Edition of the Infamous Ukash Trojan. It is nothing but a online scam, where the developer pay other hackers depending on the number of computer systems that they manage to infect with variants of Ukash Trojan. Basically, Ukash Trojan is a Winlocker that has infected a great number of computer in Europe. Moreover, the Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware infection is not related to the French police or to any law enforcement agency. It is well known scam developed by hackers to take advantage of inexperienced PC users. Further, the malware freezes the victim’s computer system and refuses to give back control over the infected PC except if the computer users pays a ransom amount. It displays a fake message from the French police force. The message is in French and claims to pay one hundred Euro fine trough Ukash. The Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware scam will claim that the victim’s computer was used in illegal activities. Security researchers strongly recommend that affected users ignore this warning message as thi ransomware infection has no way of deleting your files. But it is mangatory the sitiaion become more wosrt, delete this malware from PC soon.

In this series, Popup is another malware program that is used by cyber culprits to redirect to anothoer suspiicous page. These pop-ups are using with intention to mislead victims online activities and reach them its targeted sites. Although the identified program Popup is an another example of Potentially Unwanted Program that may easily attack on your computer and brings unexpected troubles. Normally such type of unwanted programs are used to hide highly severe malware program which is usually injected on targeted computer. While being inside, may flood your browser by displaying MMM financial freedom related pop-ups contantly on web page. Such type of unwanted program are used to perform several unpleasant operations, this infection is also being used to help cyber criminals and third party sponsors. Its presence may always disturb you while performing online operations. It may also degrade your browser performance by consuming Internet connection in downloading advertisements and other threatening program. So it is mandatory to eliminate as soon as possible.

Last but not the least, another cryptomalware named “Arena Ransomware” that carry out the same tactic as other ransomware. It is developed to take over a victim’s computer by encrypting the victim’s files. After locking files, the malware demand payment of a ransom in exchange for the decryption key. Furher more, after encryption, the trojan deliver ransom note ‘FILES ENCRYPTED.txt’ which is dropped on victim’s desktop. The malware also targeting other alternate recovery methods, such as the Shadow Volume Copies and the system recovery, after encrypting the victim’s files. Malware researchers advised user to avoid contacting the cyber hackers at their email address and take step to clean this malware using legitimate security tool.

Few Prevention Tips to Avoid Malware Into PC

Update your software : Microsoft Inc has releases “security updates” every second Tuesday of Month. Just all you need to open “Windows Update” in order to confirm that you have automatic updating feature turned on and you have installed all the updated security updates.

Download and Install advanced Anti-virus Software : One of the best and powerful defense against spyware programs are known as updated and advanced automatic malware removal tool. So all you need to first download the software and install it.

Surf and Download in safe Mode : It is the best and smart way to prevent your computer from unwanted application, following are some tips that can help you while downloading program which you don’t want.

Always Download Programs From Trusted Websites : if you don’t have idea about it then just search the application in search engine to confirm that is any website reported that it contains malicious files or not.

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